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Akena Vows To Support And Defend The Land Bill



Jimmy James Michael Akena, the Uganda People’s Congress-UPC party president has revealed that the now hotly debated proposed amendment on the land law is not new. He said the law was enacted by his party in the 1960’s and has been in existence until of recent that court removed some clauses off from it.

In the proposed constitutional amendment bill 2017, government is seeking to amend article 26 of the constitution, to give it rights to compulsorily acquire private land before negotiations over compensation is done.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday at the Uganda House, Akena vowed to defend and support what the then UPC legislatiors put forward, which he said was in interest of the people.
“We cannot go against what our forefathers did”, he said.
“My job is to defend the UPC record”.

Akena noted that the Land acquisition act which was brought into existence in 1965 gave government rights to compulsorily acquire private land for public purposes before compensation is made. He explained that it however provided for adequate and fair compensation. He said the act existed for 52 years until 2014 when courts removed its components of compensation before government takes over.

Akena added that ever since the 1960s, he has never heard of any incident of government forcefully grabbing private land using the law.

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