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Ebil: NRM Should Not Use The Land Bill To Weaken UPC


Fred Ebil Ebil, the deputy Secretary General of the Uganda People’s Congress-UPC party has told the ruling National Resistance Movement-NRM party to carry their own cross, and not use the Constitutional amendment bill 2017 to weaken the UPC.
His stand on the bill however, deviates from the views of Jimmy Akena, his party president who is in support of the constitutional amendment bill 2017 which once passed, will allow government to compulsorily acquire private land pending negotiations with the owner.
Akena said on a local radio station recently that the land bill once passed will not only help NRM government, but the UPC government as well once they ascend to power.
“As UPC we have no problem with the amendment because it will help us to develop Uganda when we enter power ‘’

Speaking to TNT on Monday, Ebil said his party president made his personal assertions, and was not representing the views of the UPC party because its members were not consulted on the contentious land bill.
He however noted that it is very okay to have divergent opinions on a particular subject.  “It’s very okay to have different views, even twins deviate in thoughts”.

He continued that the NRM government is trying to weaken UPC  by making their own member, Lands minister Betty Amongi sell the bill which many oppose.
“If someone gives a truck driver rotten fish to transport for sale, we should not blame the transporter but the owner of the fish.”

He noted that NRM Mps campaigned with the party’s money, which makes them agree to resolutions made in Kyankwanzi by their party leaders. He said the NRM should carry their own cross and not implicate UPC on it as they try to sell the “fake” bill.

Ebil concluded that there is a  desperate move by the NRM to destabilize UPC which he said will not work adding that his party is deeply rooted in even yet to be born people.
“The NRM cannot sweep the good things the UPC has done, the 24 main hospitals in the country, schools like Lango College, Teso College Aloet…. The party will not die”- He said.


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