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Minister Aceng: Pork “Bol Imoo” Is Not Good For Your Health




It’s a trend that must be places for Lira’s pork lovers on Saturdays are “Cuk Amac” and “Bal Pe” for a few bites of freshly fried pork, dubbed “bol imoo” before jumping on their rides to head back to town with sweaty lips, properly oiled for some cold beers. Day spent! Cheaply and nicely.


Well, there is no good news if you fall in the above group, the cabinet Minister for Health Dr Jane Aceng Ocero has warned against this practice. She says the above group are prone to die early or often fall sick saying such meat is half cooked, served in unhealthy hygienes and it brings health complications.

She advised on eating more of fruits and vegetables adding that it’s the reason the old generation lived longer than the current one that have more love for fatty meat.

Aceng who was in town over the weekend, was addressing people who turned up for a medical camp Akii Bua Stadium on Friday, in Lira town

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