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MP Okot Ogong: Govt Is Threatening Me For Opposing The ‘Compulsory Land Acquisition’ Bill 


Felix Okot Ogong, the Lango Parliamentary Group chairman has revealed that he is being threatened by a section of  government officials for opposing the constitutional amendment bill 2017 that is seeking to allow government to  take possession of private property  declared for compulsory acquisition upon depositing the compensation in court pending determination of the dispute.


The Dokolo south legislator is a strong opponent of the bill.  He has severally been quoted by media houses criticizing the bill, saying the government is trying to forcefully grab private land.


Speaking to journalists on Monday shortly after the consultative meeting Lango members of parliament held with the public over the controversial (land) bill at Uganda Technical College -UTC Lira, the NRM legislator  said he is getting phone calls from people, including  those who hold big government positions uttering threats, saying there will be drastic consequences of his actions  after he went public to show his discomfort with the amendment on the constitution the government  is seeking to make.

He however declined to disclose the identities of the people threatening him.

He also added that the North Kioga region police summoned and warned him against mobilizing people to oppose the bill. David Ongom Mudong, the region’s police spokesperson denies this claim.


Mp Okot revealed further that he has been receiving complains from his fellow Mps about the threats they are also getting over the same bill. He however urges the legislators to stand firm and not be threatened adding that he won’t back down from fighting the move by government which he says is aimed at grabbing land from the locals.


In the Monday consultative meeting, the public collectively asked the Lango MPs to oppose the bill citing intentions by the government to grab land.


The Lira municipality Jimmy Akena was  booed and forced off the the microphone by the crowd when they  realized he was in support and trying to advocate for the bill.

 Last month, government introduced  the constitutional amendment  bill that intends to amend Article 26 of the Constitution in accordance with Articles 259 and 262 of the Constitution. Article 26 of the Constitution provides for the right of persons to own property and how it can be acquired by government.The Bill seeks to enable government, or a local government to deposit with court, compensation awarded by the government for any property declared for compulsory acquisition.
If the Bill is approved, government or local governments would take possession of the property upon depositing the compensation in court pending determination of the dispute.

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