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MP Akena Forced Off The Microphone After Showing Support For Land Amendment Bill




Lira municipality member of parliament was on Monday afternoon forced to leave the microphone after his audience realized that he is in support of the constitutional amendment bill 2017 that seeks to give government full rights to compulsorily acquire private land before negotiations and compensation is done.

Lango parliamentary group on Monday organized a meeting for the general public to seek their views on the bill at Uganda Technical College UTC- Lira.

Akena faced his first ever  humiliation from the area he represents in parliament when he rose up to explain the things contained in the Land act after Hamson Obua, the Ajuri County MP read and thoroughly explained  article 26 of the Ugandan constitution, and the additions/amendment government is seeking to make.

Akena lost people’s attention when it was realized his explanations were geared towards showing and sourcing for support for the bill. His audience started feeling unease and started calling him to sit down. Even after the crowd started booing, the MP insisted on continuing.

“If you do not want to listen, I can sit down. I will sit but you give me this one minute…If you ignore  what is existing, you are not going to help yourselves,” –He said, but was given deaf ears.

The moderator of the debate Sylvia Akello the Otuke woman MP then politely asked MP Akena to sit down. This attracted enchantment from the crowd, with many throwing words at the Mp asking him not to accept to be controlled by his wife.

People present at the consultation meeting

Just like his wife Betty Amongi the Lands minister, the UPC party president revealed earlier that he is a proponent of the land bill.

The Lango Mps who were present at the meeting include: Amoro Paul, Obua Hamson, Angiro Gutomoi, Ayo Tonny, Alum Santa, Acon Julius, Okello Bonny, Akello Sylvia, Okot Felix, Alyek Judith, Akena Jimmy, Odur Jonathan and Doreen Amule.

During a radio talkshow over the weekend, minister Amongi revealed that she would not attend today’s event because she has other engagements in Amuru.


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5 thoughts on “MP Akena Forced Off The Microphone After Showing Support For Land Amendment Bill”

  1. I am in strong support of the resolution made by Lango yesterday in the consaltation meeting organised by LPG at UTC-lira “Land ammendament bill 2017 must be withdrawn from parliament, Article 26 of the constitution be maintain the way it is!..

  2. land is s gift God gave to man to enjoy freely as the only resource to sustain his life in all ways.Hence,if u hijark it from him,that marks the end of him.Whoever brought forward or surpports the bill,is against God’s command of the creation Genesis 1:26,he gave us dominion over every resource on earth

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