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Police Officer Shoots Dead One Civilian, Injures Two


Police in Kole district are holding one of their own, constable Charles Ayepa for alleged killing one civilian, and injuring 2 others.


According to North Kioga region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong, the incident happened on Sunday morning at around 0430hrs in a party organised by Manchester United fans at Owalo Trading Center, Àdida Parish, Akalo Sub county in Kole District.

Mudong says Ayepa was deployed on a request to provide security at the gate where the entry fees to the party venue was being collected. It’s alleged that a scuffle ensued when some youths wanted to access the venue forcefully without paying.
He adds that it was from the scuffle that Oyepa drew his gun and fired 3 live bullets shooting dead Emmanuel Ayo(16) and injuring 2 others identified as Obang Belmos and Enon Aron who are both currently admitted at Lira Regional Referral Hospital.

In his statement, Oyepa said the reason why he fired was that the civilians were struggling to grab his gun. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder under CRR 99/2017 and is currently being held at Akalo police station.

Mudong noted that it is unacceptable for an officer to kill someone the way this happened.
“It’s unfortunate and we condemn it because no one has the powers to unlawfully take the life of another, the officer will be investigated to a logical conclusion as required by the law”- He said.

He also cautioned the public against provoking officers in their lines of duty.

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  1. at time the officer did fired the bullets to defend himself as most people targets security officers nowadays otherwise let him first be investigated

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