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Betty Amongi: Lango MPs Are Fighting Me



Lands minister Betty Amongi has said her own fellow legislators from Lango are the ones fighting her. She was on Saturday evening explaining on Unity FM the recently introduced constitutional amendment bill seeking to amend article 26 which pertains compulsory acquisition of private land by government for development projects.

Minister Amongi first got irked when the Erute South MP Jonathan Odur joined the talk show.

“You MPs misinform people about this bill with ill intentions against me, I heard that this morning you were on radio spoiling my name“- Amongi directed this to Mp Odur shortly after he settled in for the show, before making his assertions.

“No MP from Lango has ever wished me well, even when I was just appointed a minister, no one called to congratulate me”– She said with a raised tone.

“I’ve never had any invitation from Lango parliamentary group… It was only on Thursday when I was invited for a meeting but I was a bit committed somewhere”- The Oyam south legislator added.

Mp Odur however noted that he does not have any ill intentions or hate for the person of the minister.

The minister then went on to explain the land laws contained in the constitution and the changes the government wishes to make which is giving government full rights to start up a development project before negotiation is done.

At one point Mp Odur made an interjection to oppose the bill, the minister responded with jeers and a mocking laughter, seemingly wondering why it is so hard for the Erute South legislator to understand what is in the constitution.

Minister Amongi then revealed that MPs Okot Ogong(Dokolo South), Charles Angiru Gutmoi(Erute North) and Jonathan Odur are her back stabbers. She said the Mps speak ill of her in Lango, whenever she’s not around.

The talk show attracted veteran politician Cecilia Ogwal’s contribution. The Dokolo woman MP who has since been very vocal against the bill said Minister Betty Amongi is a different one, because of the ministerial post. Speaking on phone, Ogwal told the minister that the government has started selling off the country’s assets. “Your in-law Adoko Nekyon told me recently that Maruzi ranch was sold off by government,… Do you know this?” She questioned Amongi who responded by pinning her, saying Mp Ogwal was among the MPs in the Constituent Assembly that made the 1995 constitution, which already has the clause which states of compulsory acquisition of private land by government. Before hanging up,Mp Ogwal asked Minister Amongi to apologize for saying no Lango Mp congratulated her after her ministerial appointment. The minister admitted that Hon Ogwal congratulated her in Dokolo.

Later, Angiru Gutmoi joined the hot talk show, but rather was belittled by the minister Amongi who laughed so hardly at the shadow Lands minister’s interpretation of the constitution. Amongi wondered why Erute North elected a leader who she said seemed to have a challenge with interpreting the queens language.

The minister explained that the bill intends to amend Article 26 of the Constitution in accordance with Articles 259 and 262 of the Constitution. Article 26 of the Constitution provides for the right of persons to own property and how it can be acquired by government.“The Bill seeks to enable government, or a local government to deposit with court, compensation awarded by the government for any property declared for compulsory acquisition,” said Amongi.

She added that the purpose of the Bill is to resolve the current problem of delayed implementation of government infrastructure and investment projects due to disputes arising out of the compulsory land acquisition process.

If the Bill is approved, government or local governments would take possession of the property upon depositing the compensation in court pending determination of the dispute.


The talk show that started at 8:30pm and ended just a few minutes to 2:00 am got out hand of the moderators as it was characterized by personal attacks, exchange of hurting languages and what audiences said was irritating, the minister’s continuous mocking laughter.

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