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Family Worries Of Minister Amongi’s Safety

Lands minister Betty Amongi’s family has expressed concern over their daughter’s safety while executing her official duties.  The family wants the government to come out and sensitize  the communities in Amuru to not think the minister is performing her personal but government duties.
Speaking to our reporter on Friday, Jane Francis Oling who is a sister to the lands minister said the family fears that the aggrieved residents of Amuru are taking it personal that the minister Amongi is acting on her own capacity.
“There may be people who are thinking that Betty deployed all those armed men by herself, which is not the case.  She is simply acting on behalf of the government” she said.
“All those nude protests,..we don’t want anything happen to our daughter”. – Oling worries there may be unpleasant outcomes from the women who stripped before the minister on Thursday.
Oling wants the communities of Acholi and Lango not to turn tribal following the Thursday incident, emphasizing that Minister Amongi was performing her national duty. She concluded that her family has held and will hold a series of meetings over the matter.
This comes after  lamentations and curses against Lango has been made by a section of people in the Acholi communities. Legislators from the Acholi area is however calling on their people to restrain from those tribal tones and interact with their brothers and sisters from Lango as usual.
Half naked women and angry residents mounted a road block and stopped  Minister Amongi from surveying the contentious land which measures about 10,000 hectares located in Lakang and Kololo where a sugar factory is planned for establishment.

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