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Besigye Applauds Amuru Women(Warriors)

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye has applauded the Amuru women who stripped and blocked the land survey which was intended by Lands Minister Betty Amongi in Lakang and Kololo, where a sugar factory is planned for construction.

Through his twitter account, the former FDC presidential flag bearer who has always preached defiance tweeted

“Amuru women (warriors) &their men once again defend their land from “Minister” Amongi’s forceful survey! Great Amuru DEFIANCE!”


Yesterday, half naked women and angry residents mounted a road block and stopped Minister Amongi and her team from surveying the contentious land which measures about 10,000 hectares. It is believed the protesters were mobilized by local leaders, mainly legislators.
Chaos broke out, police fired teargas and live bullets to disperse the angry crowd who were shouting, telling the minister to leave Acholi land and go back to Lango. Aruu North County Mp Odonga Otto was also arrested but was later released in the evening.

Locals blocked the road with burning logs

Meanwhile, Minister Amongi earlier said over 100 owners of the land had agreed for the establishment of the sugar factory.

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2 thoughts on “Besigye Applauds Amuru Women(Warriors)”

  1. Mp Among I should buy some common since if she lack cause being a minster doesnt mean she must use her office to harsh local let her see from former minster of land n mp otuke ask him what happen n she works accordingly if not might be her end of being in Parliament

  2. i have not seen any where in the world where land surveying is done force fully under heavy deployment of military and police forces. so please nyar lango sit back and think. it is unconstitutional. after your ministerial post where shall u be?? or after pleasing your “madavani” at the expense of acholis life what shall u be?. in brief since you have all the necessary forces please go ahead and kill all the people of Amuru and have the land free for your “madavanis”

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