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Lira & Gulu Municipalities Contract CICO To Construct Roads Under USMID Fund


Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) on Thursday signed two(2) separate contracts of UGX 21.4 billion and UGX 50 billion for the construction of roads under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID)  in the municipalities  of Lira and Gulu respectively.

While signing the contract with the Chinese construction company, Lira municipal town clerk Assy Abirebbe, said the contract is for the construction of three(3) roads in the municipality in the 2017/2018 phase. They include Obote Avenue(1.4 Kilometres), Kwania road(0.8 kilometres ) and Soroti road(0.5 kilometres). Also enclosed in the contract, is the beautification of coronation park. Abirebbe told the representatives from CICO to start with the works soon after handing over the contract. Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve, the Lira municipal mayor said whereas the company is being applauded for the jobs they have done, they should however complete the works at the corner that links Rwot Aler road to Aroma lane which is impassable whenever it rains because running waters crosses over. He says the corner is also too small that a trailer truck can’t make a turn from. Lira District Resident Commissioner Robert Abak pledged to offer any kind of support CICO would require from him.
Duan Yan Chung, CICO’s assistant country director promised to deliver a perfect job as expected. He asked the leaders and the general public for support as they begin working on the roads. The contract was signed at the municipal board room.


Relatively CICO also signed a UGX shs 50 billion contract for the construction of 13 roads in Gulu municipality on Wednesday with the municipal authorities at the municipality. Francis Barabanawe, the Gulu municipality Town Clark at the signing of the contract said the construction of the roads is expected to end in approximately 9 months, 21 days. Adrian Lian Sun, who signed on behalf of CICO pledged for support for the works to be completed successfully. The roads to be constructed include: Sir Samuel Baker Road(1.28km),Laroo road(1.96km),Alex Ojera road(0.68km),Tank road(0.34km),Brother Reuben road(0.64km), Hassan Mitchel road(0.54km), Dr. Onekalit road(0.27km), Lumumba Avenue(0.26km), Nyerere Avenue(0.88km), Odida road(0.25km), Timothy Okwera(0.42km), Lasto Okech (0.50km), Golf course(0.42km) and Peter Paul Opok(0.84km).

Gulu Municipality was in 2016 ranked number one out of the 14 municipalities in the country in terms of implementing funds under USMID.

The ranking by the World Bank followed an implementation assessment carried out by KPMG Consultancy in various fields that included handling of procurement processes, hiring road contractors, physical planning, environmental planning and financial management, among others.
More than 10 Kilometers of roads have been completed in Gulu municipality.The project has unveiled a new look in Gulu, getting rid of gaping potholes from her streets as she strides towards becoming the regional city in 2019. Constructed roads include Lango Road, School road, Cemetery road, Acholi Lane and Alokolum road. Others are Lumumba Avenue, Commercial Road, Crane Avenue and Odur Min Odyek Road.

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