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MP Jimmy Akena: There’s Nothing Wrong With The Land Amendment Bill

Jimmy Akena, the party president of the Uganda People’s Congress-UPC has backed the controversial land amendment bill saying it will provide Land for development to government.

The bill that was tabled before Parliament last month, seeks to amend Article 26 of the Constitution for compulsory acquisition of private land by the government before compensation, for government projects.

Jimmy Akena Obote , who is also the  Lira Municipality  MP said there is nothing wrong with the amendment. Speaking on a radio interview on Wednesday, Akena added that his party supports the proposed Land amendment bill. ”As UPC we have no problem with the amendment because it will help us to develop Uganda when we enter power ‘’

Akena however cautioned the government to consider a  fair compensation package while acquiring land from the community if the article is to be amended.

According to Akena Ugandans should not think the bill is for the sitting government but  should consider that this will be the future of Uganda not the ruling NRM Government.


The Land Amendment Bill which is currently before the legal committee has faced wide criticism by members of the public including the civil society movement, as intended to grab people’s property.


By JK Olot

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