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Mao’s Wife Files For Divorce


Noame Aceng Adong the wife to Democratic Party President Nobert Mao, has filed for divorce, vision group’s Kampala sun has reported.

Aceng filed for divorce in May, at the Family Court at the High Court Family Division in Makindye where the matter is registered as DC44 of 2017.

Naome Aceng applied for divorce on grounds that she is tired of the marriage and wants it dissolved by the courts of law.

Aceng pleads with court to grant her full custody of their two children, Nathan and Nicholas, since Mao is not in position to look after them due to his demanding political career.

Naome has also asked court to order Mao to pay school fees of the children. She also wants him to pay money for the upkeep of the kids.

Close sources at court told Kampala Sun that the matter was set for mediation.

According to close sources of the Mao family, Aceng filing for divorce does not come as a surprise.

The source relays that the two separated a long time ago but they have been putting up public displays of love.

In March 2015, Mao was picked at his upcountry home in Pece Ayuwe, Gulu Municipality by a UPDF chopper which flew him to Nairobi, Kenya where he was hospitalized.
During the time Mao was hopitalised, Naome was no where to be seen and the neighbors testified that they had never seen her at home.

The two were childhood friends who grew up to become lovers. Though, the two parted ways as Naomi went to London for further studies.
However, the two later linked up and got married.

While In UK, Naome met UPC’s Olara Otunnu’s brother, Prof. Ogenga Otunnu, whom they fell in love and were in preparations for marriage.

Then Mao came in, and carried her off her feet. Mao who had been nominated as MP for Gulu Municipality in 1996, went to London where he met Naomi. He returned to Kampala with her.

Naome accompanied her husband to his presidential nomination, looking absolutely stunning in a trendy black suit.

In an interview with UNAA Times, an online magazine, Naomi said her husband’s political career did not fit in well with her laid back personality.

When asked whether he had been served with the divorce notice Mao says he does not deal in rumors especially on private matters.

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