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NRM Supporters In Lira Demonstrate In Favor Of Removal Of Presidential Age-Limit


A section of National Resistance Movement-NRM supporters on Wednesday demonstrated in Lira town, seeking for the removal of the article 102b from the constitution that caps the presidential age limit at 75. The protesters want the age limit law removed to allow President Yoweri Museveni rule for for life.

Uganda’s constitution sets the age range for president at 35 to 75 years of age.Born in 1944, Museveni will be 76 years old at the next elections in 2021. That means after three decades in power, he will not be eligible to stand for re-election.

Carrying placards written  “Museveni Pakalast, We support Removal of Age limit”, the protesters comprised of mostly women moved through Lira town from the district chambers, Obote Avenue-Bala road to Olwol road.
They were led by NRM supporters Moses Opio, and the Barr sub county NRM mobilizer, Patrick Okwir, alias Okwir Kampala.

Okwir Kampala  told our reporter that members of Parliament should not continue delaying the removal of age limit. He said for Ugandans to continue enjoying peace and development, Museveni should not leave power. Opio however said the country should be like other developed countries like United States and South Africa that don’t have age limits adding that Uganda won’t reach such heights of development once Museveni retires.

The demonstration however seemed was not welcomed by top NRM leaders in the district. Jacob Ocen, the party’s spokesperson for Lira district denied knowledge of it. He however noted that the age limit law should be removed to allow Museveni to stand again.

There is an outburst on social media over the demonstration. The demonstrators have been labelled sycophants who are just seeking for food from Museveni.

Recently, President Museveni advised Ugandans not to waste their time on the age limit debate because no one has proposed it.

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