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Maros Releases Song About Lango Cultural Institution- Download It Here

Click here to download Tekwaro by Maros


Profesa Maros is at it again! He has unveiled the most anticipated joint about Lango cultural institution.

For long there has been fights over the cultural leadership of the over 3 million people who have rich history of not only producing sons that ruled the nation, but also talented men that lifted the country’s head in music, sports, technology, education… Etc. Quite a superior tribe to be one would love to be identified with. It’s quite a shaming to see people hugely revered by their subjects fighting and disintegrating instead of teaming up to tow its people towards development direction.
The fights did not only create factions but also fractions  among the Lango people. Stepping in to point the wrongs may seem a little tricky for a musician whose assets are his followers who may seem divided as to who they pledge allegiance to as their cultural heads.
Well, this is why Maros came in from an impartial ground to try and speak to the elders to rid themselves of the hatred among them, and save Lango from the shame other tribes see them with.
The song starts off with Maros asking who should he tell people is his paramount chief; “Is it the one with the white hair or black one?”- seemingly puzzled on what response to give following a question posed to him by a Bugandan friend. The lyrics goes on to advice the cultural heads to set aside their differences of blaming each other but should reconcile for peace to prevail.

The   song titled Tekwaro was produced at Tuff Records, a new recording studio in Lira owned by Mr Dee.
Very well Maros, we hope this new song will water down the fights, and kill the politics in the cultural institution. Talking alone in these matters is not easy. But it is ours, we can’t run from it.. Like the proverbial saying that goes: the snake has already entered our pot, to kill it, we may break the pot but even if we leave it, we won’t eat either way.

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