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Quack Doctor Charged With Murder After Death Of Patient


Okello Francis, who according to preliminary investigation by police is a senior four dropout is in trouble for illegally  conducting surgery that led to the death of a woman.

30- year- old Stella Omara, a resident of Awaping village in Abako Sub County in Alebtong district lost her life due to excessive bleeding after a surgical operation done by Francis Okello in his clinic.

David Ongom Mudong, the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson, says Okello reportedly conducted an operation on the deceased when she visited his clinic with a swollen breast.

Relatives of the deceased told police that Stella Omara went to Dubai clinic which is owned by Okello on April 24th. They continued in their police statement that Okello then recommended that an operation should be done on the swollen breast, which he later carried out.
Okello reportedly erred and fled into hiding after realising his mistake, leaving behind his patient who was constantly bleeding. She was then transferred to Lira regional referral hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival at the health facility. Post mortem report indicates that she died from excessive bleeding.

According to Mudong, Okello was smoked out from his hide out in Ojwina division, Lira municipality on Sunday evening, by police flying quad. He is currently being held at Alebtong police station. Mudong says Okello was charged with murder
CRB 204/2017. He adds that Okello’s file has been submitted to Resident State Attorney for legal advise, and he will be arraigned in court should his file be sanctioned.

Mudong urged the public to be vigilant against the vice of quack doctors but rather seek medical assistance from recognised health facilities.


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