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Lira Hospital Guard Nabbed Selling Stolen ARV-Drugs To Pig Farmers


Lira regional referral hospital guard has been selling Anti Retro viral- ARV drugs to pig farmers. This was brought to light after  Lira Resident District Commissioner Robert Abak set the suspect ,James Ronnie Otyek  , a guard at the hospital to sell the ARVs to a pig farmer. Otyek fell prey to the trap. He was consequently apprehended by police.

According to Abak, his office used the pig farmer,  to call Otyek to supply him the ARVs at his home in Ojwina where he was picked up by Police detectives on arrival. Abak explained that the suspect claims that he has been conniving with staff at Lira Regional Referral Hospital to smuggle out the ARVs.
Otyek was on Wednesday remanded to Lira Central Prison for two weeks by the Lira Grade one Magistrate, Hillary Kiwanuka. He was accused of supplying stolen anti retroviral -ARV drugs to pig farmers in Lango Sub region. His plea wasn’t however taken as judge said there was no time.

The farmers reportedly mix ARVs with animal feed to fatten the pigs and also make them grow faster.

Health experts however warn that the practice could breed antibiotic-resistant germs in animals that could be harmful to pork consumers.
Leslie Ojom Nek, former manager of Aids Information Center Lira branch noted that it is a health risk to the consumers of the pork  which has  ARVs Ingredients.


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  1. That is the most primitive behaviour of both the farmers and the staff o the Hospital to deal in what brings poor health to humans. Agood farmer practice mordern farming in order to raise exotic breeds. That poor greed should be stopped and pigs being slaughtered in the market should be tested to find its health by using test which indicates the result in few minutes to avoid people getting problem.

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