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MP Okot Ogong Encourages The Public To Keep Harassing MPs Supporting Age Limit Law Removal



Dokolo south Member of Parliament Felix Okot Ogong has encouraged the general public to keep harassing the members of parliament who are in support of the removal age limit law, which will bar president Museveni from standing again for presidency in the next elections. Okot Ogong was reacting to a question posed to him on whether he supports the withdrawal of MPs’ numbers from the parliament website.

Media reports indicate that some members of parliament have shown discomfort in having their numbers on the parliament website, saying a section of the public are accessing their numbers which after, they use to call and harass them over the removal of the presidential age limit law from the constitution. Relatively, on Tuesday during the plenary session speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga noted that they have been receiving complaints from the MPs about people harassing them on the age limit law removal.

Speaking on Thursday morning on a radio interview, Okot Ogong said phone calls are to be received. He said MPs phone numbers should not be removed from the website because it’s the only way people from the diaspora and from anywhere in the world can access the numbers.
He then encouraged the general public to keep pushing the MPs that are in support of the removal of the age cap from the constitution, adding that with the pressure from the public, the MPs will be forced to move with the populace.

Okot Ogong has been  vocal against any move that will see President Museveni run again for elections in the following elective terms. In an earlier interview, Okot said the president who is also his party chairman should not think he is the only person who can lead the country.

“Museveni is just a parasite who has been depending on the state. Let him also go back to Rwakitura and taste rural life. He should be sincere to this country and not take Ugandans for granted. Uganda is bigger than Museveni and his interests, and we cannot accept this kind of greed,” Okot Ogong said.

Reacting to the directive by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga to MPs on Tuesday that the legislators should not discuss the age limit law, Okot Ogong said the speaker’s jurisdiction stops in Parliament, but outside people are free to debate.

The NRM legislator also revealed that there is a plot for the removal of the age limit cap, contrary to the deputy attorney general Mwesigwa  Rukutana’s assertion in Parliament on Tuesday that the amendment is not in line for debate. Quoting the luo proverb; Yitu Pe Duny nono, loosely translated as “There is no smoke without fire”, Okot said the government is only trying to play games with the public, adding that the debate is yet to come up again.
He says even if he remains alone in the fight to protect the constitution, he won’t stop.

The constitution put the ceiling on the age of the person holding the presidency at 75. Born in 1944, President Museveni who has ruled Uganda since 1986 will attain the limit before the end of his current term in 2021.

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