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Lango Cultural Foundation Agrees To Forgive Parallel Group


Lango cultural foundation, which is speared by Paramount chief Mzee Yosam Odur has accepted to forgive and settle out of court a case against the parallel group Tekwaro Lango that is headed by Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune.

Speaking exclusively to our reporter on Tuesday, Lango cultural foundation prime minister Dr. Richard Nam said the foundation will pardon Dr Michael Odongo Okune and his group once they dissolve their institution. He says the current case  filed against Eng Odongo Okune for interfering in the leadership of Yosam Odur Ebii and his agents can be dismissed only if Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune strips himself off the self proclaimed won nyaci of Lango title.
“We are all Lango, it’s good that we should forgive one another. We’ll ask for dismissal  if Eng Dr Michael Odongo Okune agrees to respect Mzee Yosam Odur as the only Won Nyaci Lango has”. Dr Nam said.

He adds that if the Eng Odongo Okune  group agrees to put in writing that they won’t cause confusion and create a rival faction  in Lango leadership, they will be allowed back to the foundation.

Meanwhile Rtd Col Tonny Otoa who has been at the forefront of installing Odongo Okune as won nyaci, who is also  among those who  were taken to court says ,the matter will be settled in court. He says the case lodged against them by the Lango cultural foundation lacks proper standing adding that the foundation has failed to tell the truth. He says they have tasked their lawyers to ask for court dismissal.

Earlier in June, Rosemary Bareebe Ngabirana, the Assistant Registrar of the Constitutional Court  issued an interim injunction restraining Eng. Moses Michael Odongo Okune, the  parallel Lango Chief and his agents from interfering in the leadership of Yosam Odur Ebii, the Lango paramount chief.

The injunction emanated from an application filed by Dr. Richard Nam, the Prime Minister of Lango Cultural Foundation and Odur asking court to stop Odongo and his agents from forcefully and illegally taking over the position of Lango paramount chief.

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