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Drama At Lira High Court As Woman Strips Naked


There was drama at Lira high court on Tuesday after a 36 year old woman stripped naked protesting arrest.
Dorcus Akot had gone for a hearing in which Six (6) of her family members were incarcerated in an attempted murder case. They include: Nancy Alobo(their mother), Nelson Olwa, Peter Okaka, Martin Ochom, John Peter Oroma, and Geoffrey Owani.  The family members were arrested following complains by Tom Omenyo, a resident of Bardego village, Aketiper parish, Nambieso Sub-county in Apac District. He is also a sibling in the family.

Omenyo alleges that his family members tried to kill him with a machete and also  razed down a house on him over a land dispute which he said he won in a court case earlier. He added that his siblings also set him up for a crime he didn’t commit by planting a gun in his house, which later caused his arrest.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Omenyo alerted police to effect arrest of his sister Dorcus Akot at the court premises. This was when drama ensued. Akot turned wild after sighting the officers. She started running over while tearing down her clothes in an effort to escape arrest. She screamed that her brother wants to imprison all of them yet she has children at home to take care of.

Her struggle and utterances disrupted court businesses for the better part of the afternoon. Lawyers, judges and prosecutors then came to Akot’s rescue by grabbing her from police. They challenged the officers to produce legal backing for the arrest, in which the officers were hesitant to. They then took  Akot inside the court building telling police not to try to arrest Akot adding it’s against the law to apprehend a suspect at the court premises.

Officers then left the premises for businesses to normalize.


By Moses Okumu

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