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Former LC3 Chairperson Detained After A Foiled Defilement Attempt


Police in Oyam is holding in their cells Tom Arac, the former LC3 chairman of Kamdini for trespassing and allegedly trying to defile  a minor.

The district police commander of Oyam district Najibu Waiswa says Arac was arrested following a complaint  by his neighbor John Ogwang who said Arac tried to defile his 14 year old daughter . Arac allegedly entered one of the huts in Ogwang’s compound on Friday night and tried to make sexual advances to  the minor who responded with alarms calling out for help. At this point Arac had already stripped off his trousers, shoes, shirt, and some documents. He reportedly fled into hiding after his attempt to defile the little girl stalled. Consequently Ogwang filed a case at Atapara police station. The officers went to scene and took Arac’s property as exhibits. Waiswa explained that Arac was then trailed and arrested from his home on Saturday morning. He added that Arac was charged with criminal trespass.

The Oyam District Police Commander says Arac may be added more charges after the  test on  the victim to ascertain whether she was defiled turns positive.

Arac is however not new to controversies. The former LC3 chairman who also served in Aber Sub county for two terms before moving to Kamdini has been in and out of police for several different cases. They include theft and defilement.

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  1. Poorly brought up and a gambler who has no principle in life.The trust of leadership given to him was done in error as he misled the innocent as a man of leadership quality.The law should take its course.

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