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Atubo: Museveni Should Not Play A Saint, He Is The One Who Has Been Buying The “Prostitutes”


Former cabinet minister for Lands and urban development Daniel Omara Atubo has hit back at Museveni for calling opposition prostitutes.

At the vigil of late John Ssebaana Kizito last Friday president Museveni said that unlike many opposition politicians he knows, the fallen former DP president was not a political prostitute.

In his words, Museveni said  “Most of the Opposition politicians here and elsewhere are just ‘eaters’ and political prostitutes who sell themselves to willing buyers. But the late Ssebaana, who I first met in I955 when I was in Primary Three, is different…,”

In a press release  issued to local media houses on Monday, Atubo said Museveni’s statement is one of the most insulting and yet revealing from the head of state.
He continued that Museveni developed hatred for political parties when he lost in the 1980 elections.

“Ugandans should be reminded that ever since Museveni miserably and badly lost the 1980 general elections, he developed great fear and hatred against political parties especially DP and UPC ” reads part of the statement.

“When he shot himself into power in 1986, he banned political party activities which was only lifted through a referendum later in 2005.”– the statement continues.

The former Otuke constituency legislator says Museveni declared war on political parties using all available means after the 2016 general elections.
He adds that Mr Museveni should not play role of a saint saying it was him who has been buying the said prostitutes (opposition).

“After successfully rigging the general elections last year, Museveni declared war to kill all political parties using all available means especially gun, money, and political offices.”

“…Who is providing “this food to eat”? Prostitution must have at least two people, a male and a female, a seller and a buyer. It takes two to tango. Museveni cannot play role of a saint. He is the one who has been using huge sums of money and political offices to buy opposition politicians.” The statement reads further.

Atubo adds that political parties are important components of democracy which in its absence, the only available option is violent change to power which he says Museveni and Kony utilized.

He concluded that President Museveni is constitutionally the Fountain of Honour in whom high standard of behavior, language, morality, integrity is expected.

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