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3 Family Members Suffocate In Smoke


Police in Lira are investigating circumstances which led to the death of three members of the same family as reports say they died of suffocation from carbon monoxide that was simmering from a stove.
North Kioga region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong confirmed saying  Rashid Otim, a resident of Railways division, Lira municipality lost three children to the incident that occurred on Saturday night.
The victims who according to a report resided in a small hut with no ventilation and windows suffocated as result of carbon monoxide gas filling up the air leaving no room for Oxygen. The siblings are suspected to have died from Carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon monoxide poisoning typically occurs from breathing in too much carbon monoxide.

The toxic gas reportedly was coming from a stove which was being used to boil maize in the same room.
Efforts to save the toddlers were however undertaken but ran short of luck as they were pronounced dead before reaching the hospital. The deceased include 2 girls aged 11 and 13. Another is a boy aged 9. Meanwhile another boy who was in the same room survived as reports say he slept near the door.

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