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Lango MPs Divided Over Removal Of Age Limit Law


As the the debate about the removal of the presidential age limit rages on, we bring you what leaders think about the law that will allow president Museveni stand again in 2021.
The Observer newspaper revealed on Monday that the bill has been lined up to be published in the Uganda Gazette, the official government newspaper. Once Article 102(b) is amended and the 75-year-age upper limit for presidential candidates is removed, President Museveni will be allowed to stand again in 2021 and the following terms.

Lango legislators however have divided opinions on the proposed amendment.

Dokolo North member of Parliament Paul Amoro Omiat strongly supports the removal of the age limit. He says that once the debate is brought to parliament, he will vote for the removal of the law that will allow president Museveni to stand again in the following terms. Amoro explained that the problem with those that oppose the removal of the age limit is that they are only focussing on an individual and that is president Museveni. He cited that “For example, one may argue that one of the old leaders in Lango like Cecilia Ogwal is too old to continue to stay in power, yet other people will say she strong enough to lead”. He said such leaders should be allowed to lead.

Meanwhile his counter part, the Dokolo south MP Felix Okot Ogong also the chairman of the Lango Parliamentary Committee strongly opposes any move that is pointed towards removal of the age limit from the constitution that will allow president Museveni stand again for elections. The NRM legislator wonders why Museveni can’t accept to resign to Rwakitura and just offer advise on how to run the country to the person who succeeds him. He says Ugandans were not stupid during the time of making the constitution. He added that the president should not think he is the only Ugandan who can lead the country.
“Museveni is just a parasite who has been depending on the state. Let him also go back to Rwakitura and taste rural life. He should be sincere to this country and not take Ugandans for granted. Uganda is bigger than Museveni and his interests, and we cannot accept this kind of greed,” Okot Ogong said.


Jonathan Odur, the Erute south member of Parliament reiterated that the removal of the age limit will mark the death of the 1995 constitution and a living proof that power doesn’t belong to the people.
FDC’s Erute North legislator Charles Angiru Gutmoi also opposes the removal of the age limit.
“President Museveni was behind putting in the age limit to block the late former president Obote from standing. Now that Dr Obote is dead, he wants to remove it. What else does he think he can do better when he removes the age limit?”

“I understand NRM is already giving out money to buy off its MPs. If they make this mistake, it is a sure way to their downfall,” Gutumoi said.


Hamson Obua, the Ajuri county member of parliament said the people should first be consulted before the removal is done. He blames the 7th parliament that removed the term limit in 2005 for causing the debate the country is currently having.


The Moroto county MP, Sam Okwir Odwee says if the issue is presented in parliament, he will go to his constituency and seek for opinions from the people he represents. He says he will go with whatever his people come up with.


By Bismarck Olang 

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