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NTV Premiers Northern Connect


After a long wait, NTV Uganda finally aired Northern Connect Madit!

This is a big step towards enlightening the world about our sweet home as we fight the vice still implanted on people’s minds that Northern Uganda is unlivable. The TV with the widest following in Uganda has started airing our culture and beauties in a special program.

Last evening NTV premiered the show.

But did it deliver to quite the expectation?
Save for the presenter whose voice was too much amplified that one would think he didn’t need the microphone, and the short 30-minutes clip that left viewers yearning for more, everything else was good.

Many people thought Urban TV owned the program but no, it doesn’t! It’s owned by the show host himself Mc Kash Owakabi, Kunta productions and a few more behind the scenes people. With Urban TV, after their contract ended, they failed to sign a new one and opted for NTV Uganda that they signed with a deal of 18 months. However in the contract only 30 mins was awarded to be run on Mondays at 10PM and Sundays 1PM. But there you have it, like the Acholi say, Gin ma tidi en ma mit. Let’s enjoy this for a while as we expect more quality improvements in the coming shows.


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