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St Mary’s College Lacor Closed Following Violent Strike

St Marys college Lacor and Amuru district has been indefinitely closed and  18 students have been arrested following a violent strike on Saturday night.

The students threw stones onto the roof, smashed glass windows and destroyed computers among other things from the offices of the top administrators. They were protesting a surprise roll-coll which was being conducted by Joel Ochan, a teacher who said he decided to check the number of students in the school  after seeing many boys spread across the nearby center, at around 10 pm. Ochan suspected that the boys jumped over the perimeter wall as they escaped form the school for a disco in the neighborhood.

He added that making after roll calls in two dormitories, the students turned hostile before he could went to the others, switched off electricity and started destroying school property prompting him to flee to notify the police. It was at this point that the students pulled down a section of the perimeter wall. They also destroyed the merchandise in the school canteen among other things.

Eighteen students are currently being held at Awer Police station in Lamogi sub county. The Amuru district inspector of schools Dominic Otto ordered for the indefinite closure of the school as the extent of the damage is being ascertained. The school headteacher Michael Labeja was shocked after learning about the strike.

The strike comes just  two days after Sir Samuel Baker School in Gulu district was closed for two weeks following a violent student strike which also left several properties destroyed.

The police are also investigating  students of Angelo Negri College in Gulu who threw  stones on several vehicles in Gulu town after a sports day.

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