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5 Sir Samuel Baker Students Held Following Violent Strike


Five students of Sir Samuel Baker School are being held by police for masterminding a violent strike on Thursday night.

The students smashed window glasses of the school dining hall, library, classrooms and staff houses. They also destroyed an acre of cassava that belongs to one of the teachers. This followed the loss by the school that came 5th in the athletic competition. They blame their head teacher Mr Erick Johnson for the defeat.

The students were picked by police on Friday as the school administration were closing the school for two weeks. Their identities were not however disclosed for the fear of jeopardizing investigation.

Peter Okello, a teacher in the school whose house window pane was smashed by the students said teachers fear for their lives without security in place. Vasco Odongo, another teacher said the students vandalized his one-acre of cassava garden near the school as they rioted.

Police has however maintained presence at the school as classes and dormitories remained closed.



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