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Eng Odongo Okune’s Group Speaks Up On New Constitution, Says It’s Premature


Tekwaro Lango, which is comprised of the clan heads opposed to Paramount chief Yosam Odur, headed by Eng. Dr. Michael Odongo Okune has today released a statement dismissing the constitution that was passed yesterday by the Lango Cultural Foundation at Lango cultural centre saying it’s premature. The statement also trashed the installment of Benson Dila , Jimmy Oyuko and Moses Ayo as speaker, deputy speaker and Clark to council respectively.

The statement further states that yesterday’s meeting was illegal because it was wasn’t called and presided over by the council of owitong as required by law, but all were individually done by Won Nyaci Yosam Odur.

Tekwaro Lango further stated that Mzee Yosam Odur is not the paramount chief of Lango, saying his term expired on 19th May 2017, as was prescribed in the Karuma peace agreement.
The clan heads said the constitution is just a ploy by the paramount chief and his prime minister to stay in power till death.

Signed by tekwaro Lango leaders; Rev. George Okeng(deputy speaker), Col. Tonny Otoa (Chairman constitutional committee), Rev. Martin Odongo (Clerk to council) and Luciano Opio Omara(Chairman coronation committee), the statement said Mzee Yosam Odur tricked clan heads into attending yesterday’s meeting that they were going to be given diary cows from the operation wealth creation. They claim the were only 37 clan heads in attendance.

However, yesterday’s meeting was a full house. Over 100 out of 153 clan heads were in attendance, as was visibly seen by our reporter.

Meanwhile Dan Okello, Guna clan head said the constitution that was passed yesterday was not right. He  says article 8 of the constitution that says once elected, the won nyaci will stay in power till death was not right and

Speaking at Lango cultural center at the passing out the constitution, Won Nyaci Yosam Odur said that it was not a few individuals holding power in the Lango Cultural Foundation that came up with the new laws but was authored by the whole Lango. The Committee that prepared the Ker Kwaro Lango constitution chaired by Tom Ogwal Ekuka said it was done after consultation with Lango clan heads.


By Bismark Olang

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