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Police Denies Helping Hardcore Criminal Escape From Custody


The police has denied helping Joseph Omoo, Alias Ajep escape from custody.
Ajep who escaped from Lira regional referral hospital under the watch of two prison warders on Friday, called different radio stations yesterday saying he bribed the police UGX 9.7 million, which made them remove handcuffs from his hands.
He also stated that  once there is money, one can’t be in incarceration despite the crimes he/she would have committed. He said it’s very easy to bribe your way out of the corrupt police system.
Ajep according to police is a hardcore criminal who has masterminded robberies and murders of several boda-boda motorcyclists.

Speaking to journalists at Lira central police station yesterday, the North Kioga region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong denied the allegations levied on the police institution by Ajep. He said Ajep is a hardcore criminal, a serial robber who is just disgruntled. Mudong added that the police is having information that says Ajep is currently dressed in military attires and is now calling and harassing people.

North Kioga Region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong

“First of all he is adding charges on himself, currently he is facing two counts, simple and aggregated robberies.  We will arrest him and add more charges on him” – Mudong said.
He added that it is not the police that was taking charge of Ajep but the prison service. He wonders why Ajep couldn’t bribe his way out of police cells if indeed the police is corrupt but escaped after he was transferred to prison.
Two prison warders who were keeping watch of Ajep have been arrested, as police investigates circumstances under which he escaped from prison.
Ajep was admitted in the Tb ward at Lira Regional Referral Hospital early this week with Multi-Drug resistant TB.

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