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Prison Escapee Speaks Out, Says He Should Be Allowed To Enjoy His “Criminal” Talent



Ajep, a hardcore criminal that escaped from custody on Friday has spoken out saying he should be left alone to enjoy his talent. According to police, Ajep is a notorious thief who has masterminded robberies of several motorcycles and murders of many bodaboda cyclists. He was arrested last year.

He however escaped from incarceration on Friday from Lira regional referral hospital where he was receiving treatment. Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons Spokesperson, said Ajep was admitted in the Tb ward at Lira Regional Referral Hospital early this week with Multi-Drug resistant TB.

Just days after escaping from prison, Ajep has said police has always been trailing him with trumped up charges yet there are very many thieves in government offices living freely, Lira based radio station Voice of Lango fm has reported.

“We are not thieves. We just know how to play with people’s minds. Thieves don’t steal and invest in houses the way I do. Does a thief build in Kampala, Lira and others districts? We just use technologies. Thieves are the ones who steal millions in government offices but are left to roam freely.”- Ajep said in a phone interview.

He also added that he should be left alone to enjoy his talent because he brings developments home. “If someone has his talent, let him use it. He doesn’t even employ his talent home, but other places and later brings home development. Why waste someone’s talent by always arresting him?” he asked.

He said the disturbances by the police has made him lose his businesses, motor vehicles and money. Ajep concluded that his plan is to leave the country because the people in it treat him like a thief.

North Kioga region police spokesperson David Ongom Mudong said Ajep should just come out hiding because the police is already looking for him.

Ajep’s escape came barely a day after a female inmate escaped from Oyam central Government. Helen Acham is wanted for killing her husband Denis Agedi, a renowned businessman in Lira.



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