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Pakistani Community Leader Urges Muslims To Show Love To The Poor

By Jk Olot

The president of the Pakistani community living in Lira Sardar Muhammad Atiq Nawaz has appealed to the Muslim community in Lango to donate their ZAKAT, FITRANA and other charitable dues to fellow Muslim who are needy as they celebrate this year’s EID EL FITRI.

Speaking to TNT this afternoon, Muhammed advised members of Pakistani Association in Lira and Pakistani community to enhance their efforts to share their resources with their Muslim brothers and sisters.


“We Muslims of Lango are also celebrating this festival of Eid with that great spirit of togetherness and sharing. We have to share our resources with the poor and unprivileged Muslim brothers and sisters who are unable to enjoy this festival of Eid El Fitri due to their poverty”. Sardar said.


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