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Police Recovers Animals Stolen By Karimojong Herdsmen In Otuke


Police in Otuke has arrested a Karimojong herdsman for allegedly stealing 24 heads of cattle from Olilim. Otuke District Police Commander Kuzara Robert says they acted following a tip off by residents who reported of theft of their animals to police last Saturday.
“Immediately after we were told of the theft, we coordinated with security officials at the boarder of Otuke and Abim, and the thieves were intercepted and we made an arrest” He said, “Fortunately we recovered the stolen animals but was only being taken by a Karimojong juvenile, after questioning whether he stole the animals alone, he told us he had help from his friends who we didn’t get at the time of making the arrest”. The DPC said. He concluded that the boy will be produced in court.

The LC3 of Olilim Francis Otyama, said the Karimojong cattle thieves have for long been disturbing his area.



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